Eurovision Song Contest

It was great to see James Newman representing the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest, and featuring brass instruments on the backing track and on stage! As well as 2 huge trumpets hanging over him, he was joined on stage by 4 dancers wielding plastic trumpets and trombones, very like the ones we use in schools!
Watch and enjoy!

It’s a shame he got nil points! Oh well, better luck next time!

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Brass Musical Instruments in the Orchestra

In this short video on YouTube, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales introduce us to some brass musical instruments:

Did you see and hear the tuba, the trombones, the trumpets and french horns?

What did you notice about them? Were they different shapes and sizes? How would you describe them?

What sounds did they make? Were they different to each other? In what ways?

How did the musicians play them? Were the different instruments played differently?

If you want you could watch the orchestra again, and have another look and listen?

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Covid-19 lockdown

We are really missing the Monday afternoon brass band at Backworth! Are you? Hands up who has been practicing?

With the lockdown continuing to prevent us meeting up face to face, we plan to do some short videos to help you practice. Watch this space!

If you need music, all our pieces are available on our Sheet Music page.

And there’s lots more useful and interesting insider knowledge that you really ought to check out, on our Information page

And if anyone out there in North Tyneside schools would like to learn to play a brass instrument, please get in touch. We may be able to lend you an instrument and give you some remote help to get started!

Please see our contacts page for details of how to contact us.

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Backworth Park Brass Band

Backworth Park Brass Band is back!

After a winter break for all after-school clubs, we have restarted this half term, with some returners and some new learners, 14 children in all. And we continue to be very well supported by Miss Goodwill and Mrs Whittle.

We got off to a flying start, playing the main anthem from “We Will Rock You” by the band Queen, complete with the “stomp stomp clap” body percussion!

We also played our favourite games “Don’t Copy This One” and “What’s the Note, Maestro Wolfgang?”.

We plan to develop “We Will Rock You” further, and learn a new 2-part arrangement of “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

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Review of the year 2018-19

We ran brass groups in 2 schools last year: Backworth Park and Burradon Community Primary Schools.

Natalie led the group at Backworth in their brand new School building. The group took part in the Wansbeck Music Festival in March, and ended with an Assembly performnce in July.

Gavin led the Burradon group with help from Ailsa, a six form student and trumpet/cornet player. She brought some really good, fun ideas for performance pieces including “Jurassic Park”, the “Hokey Cokey” and “We Will Rock You”. The group did an assembly performance before Christmas, but unfortunately the School were not able to schedule any others.

Sadly, Burradon are no longer able to support the brass group with a member of staff. Helen Hopper has been a sterling member of the group since it started in Sept 2016, and we send her our immense gratitude and best wishes.

So, for now, we will continue in 2019-20 with just one brass group at Backworth.

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Schools back

We start the new school year with our brass groups running at Backworth Park Primary and Burradon Community Primary Schools.

Backworth Park have moved to a brand new school building and we wish the school all the best for a bright future there. Natalie and the staff have some exciting plans for developing music at the school.

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Brass Play Day

We had a fantastic brass play day at the Y Studio in North Shields on Wednesday 20th June. 15 children from 4 schools attended and enjoyed sessions led by professionals music tutors.

We started with the singing warm up led by the energetic Susie Jones, then a brass warm up led by Alex Lewis before breaking into smaller groups to work in detail on a piece of music for later performance. Susie then led another lively workshop, this time with percussion, working up a samba groove before lunch.

After lunch we all came back together for Alex to work the pieces into a final performance before departing back to school for home time.

20180620_121214 IMG_20180621_203938

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