Test page

Welcome to this introduction to brass music from North Tyneside Brass in Schools.


This introduction is a mixture of text and short video clips. Watch each one in turn and read the text that follows before moving onto the next.

Sometimes there are exercises for you to do on your instrument. Sometimes you can do these along with the tutor in the video, sometimes you can do them by yourself before coming back to the next part of the lesson.

If you do not have an instrument to practice on, please contact us to discuss borrowing one from us, free of charge (this facility is only open to school children and young adults living or going to school in North Tyneside).

Watch this short video of brass instruments being played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Look and listen carefully because we’ve got some questions for you once it has finished!

Did you see and hear the tuba, the trombones, the trumpets and french horns?

What did you notice about them? Were they different shapes and sizes? How would you describe them?

What sounds did they make? Were they different to each other? In what ways?

How did the musicians play them? Were the different instruments played differently?

If you want you could watch the orchestra again, and have another look and listen?
When you are ready please continue the lesson with the next video clip.

Video clip 2