Additional instruments

We’ve submitted an order for additional instruments so that each of our children can borrow one to take home and practice.

We’ve ordered an additional 8 Tromba cornets and 6 Tromba trombones which will take our total to 33 cornets and 18 trombones. We’ve also ordered another 25 music stands to go with them, giving us 50 music stands.

The money to pay for these has been raised from North Tyneside Music Education Hub, John Lewis Music Matters, R W Mann Trust and private donations. So far we have raised a little over £5,000 and will have spent just under £4,500 on instruments and music stands.

A very big thank you to our friends at enjoymuzic music shop at the Royal Quays outlet shopping centre in North Shields. They have been fantastic in helping us get the instruments at the best possible price, and by ordering through North Tyneside Council we are able to buy them without VAT, as they are for educational purposes.

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