Balliol and Backworth Park Primary Assemblies

20170330_101921 20170330_101909

As preparation for the Wansbeck Music Festival, Balliol Primary band played at the School Assembly on Thursday.

We played our 2 pieces: “Frere Jacques” (Brother Jack) and “Get on Up, Get on Down”, and 3 of the band (Mara and Angelos and their mother) performed their own arrangement of “Star Wars” and “Ode to Joy” that they had been practicing at home. As the photos show we have 2 parents in the band learning alongside their children.

It was very well received, and the best bit was hearing lots of the children behind me clapping along to “Get on Up, Get on Down”!

Backworth Park Primary band also performed at their School assembly on Monday: “Catch a Falling Star” and “United” featuring the “Blaydon Races”. We weren’t quite ready with the final arrangements as performance pieces, so it was bit stop and start but we played each section through and then sort out the links at Thursday’s after school brass group.

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