Big Gig Newcastle 2023

Students from Wellfield Middle joined nearly 2000 other pupils from local Primary and Middle Schools at the Big Gig Newcastle 2023 held at the Vertu Motors Arena on Scotswood Road, home to the mighty Newcastle Eagles Basketball team, last Wednesday 21st June.

With a rock band playing a selection of 1980s songs, we played and sang along. Wellfield’s brass band and the guitar group all had a fantastic time. After a full morning’s rehearsal, family members were allowed in to hear a great run-through performance of all the songs:
Never Gonna Give You Up; Girls Just Wanna Have Fun; Don’t Stop Believin’; (Working) Nine to Five; Summer of ’69; Ghostbusters!; Eye of the Tiger; Livin’ on a Prayer; Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.

Rock on Wellfield!

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