A Band for Britain

Enjoy the famous Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band from Yorkshire, and a performance of the William Tell Overture by Rossini. Here the band join forces with local community band Dinnington Colliery Band, conducted by Sue Perkins, first shown on the BBC program “A Band for Britain” in 2010:

Q1 Which brass bands were playing together in the video?
Q2 Who was the conductor, and what is she famous for?
Q3 What were they playing and who wrote the music?
Q4 Who was the person that the music is about?
Q5 How many brass instruments were being played?
Q6 What type of brass instruments were playing? (you can see them in the video but if you don’t know what they are called, you can look them up on the internet because all British brass bands have the same types of instruments)
Q7 What other musical instruments were being played?
Q8 How would you describe the music?

Check your answers here.

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