George Ezra – Shotgun – quiz answers

Q1 What is the singer’s name?
Answer: George Ezra (we gave you that one – easy peasy!)

Q2 What is the song called?
Answer: Shotgun (we gave you that one too – easy peasy, lemon squeezy!)

Q3 Where were the band performing?
Answer: The Glastonbury Festival which is held every two years at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, about 8 miles from Glastonbury.

Q4 How many instruments featured in the horn section?
Answer: 3

Q5 What are the instruments called?
Answer: Trumpet, Trombone and Saxophone

Horn Section – Trumpet, Trombone and Saxophone

Q6 One of the horns is not strictly a brass instrument – which one?
Answer: the Saxophone is actually a ‘wind’ instrument because the air is vibrated by blowing through a reed rather than by buzzing the lips but, hey!, they all need blowing and they are all made of brass!

Q7 What other musical instruments are being played?
Answer: the band also includes guitars, drum kit and keyboards.

Q8 Did you enjoy it? Would you like to play in a band like that in front of so many people?
if you said: “yes” and “yes” give yourself 2 points;
if you said “yes” and “no” give yourself 1 + 1 points;
if you said “no” and “yes” give yourself 3 points but then take 1 away;
if you said “no” and “no” give yourself half a point, a point and another half point
if you were not sure, give yourself 0 points but get 2 bonus points.
So everyone gets 2 points, whatever their answer?
Yes, that’s right, because whether you enjoy it or not, and whether you’d like to be in a band like that, is entirely up to the individual, and some people will say “yes”, and some people will say “no”, and some people will say “I’m not sure”. We can’t all be the same or the world would be very dull!

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