Soul Rebels quiz answers

Q1 What is the band called?
Answer: The Soul Rebels. If you got that wrong you should be ashamed of yourself – it’s written above the video!

Q2 Where are they from?
Answer: New Orleans. Oh come on, you’re not paying attention if you didn’t see that! If you knew (or looked it up and know it now) that New Orleans is a City on the Mississippi river in the southern USA, famous for it’s brass music and a festival called Mardi Gras, then give yourself 2 bonus points!

Q3 What was the song they were playing?
Answer: Sweet Dreams (are made of this)

Q4 How many musicians are in the Soul Rebels?
Answer: 8 – if you don’t agree, then watch the video again and count carefully!

Q5 What are the instruments are they playing?
Answer: 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, a Sousaphone, a Saxophone, and 2 Drum Kits.

Q6 How good are they?
Answer: fan-tab-u-lous! Although you might think that other answers are equally valid, they arn’t, so there.

Q7 Who had the original hit with the song?
Answer: The Eurhythmics in 1983

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