Brass Instrument Picture Quiz

Are you a brass whizz kid? Let’s find out!

Toon Larner Rule 9

Yes! You can look it up on the internet…learning isn’t cheating!

A) What instrument is this girl playing?
A girl playing cornet

B) What instrument are these children playing?
B children trombone

C1) Name the parts of the instrument numbered 1 to 7 in the picture below
C2) What are each of these parts for?
Microsoft PowerPoint - Cornet annotated.odp

D1) Name the part of an instrument pictured below
D2) What instrument does it belong to?
D3) What is it for?
D trombone slide

E) to M) Name the instrument!
E girl playing tuba F boy playing french horn flugelhorn H Louis Armstrong trumpet I Girl bugler J Rams horn shofar K Sousaphone players L tenor horn player M posthorn round 2

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