Introducing the Post Horn

Lloyd introduces the Post Horn, and plays some typical post horn fanfares.

The Post Horn is a simple brass instrument consisting of a length of tube with a small bell at one end and a mouthpiece at the other. There are no valves or slide to allow the length of tube to be altered and, therefore, only a limited set of notes can be played.

Back in the day when the postman rode a horse from village to village, delivering the mail, he would blow the horn to announce his approach to alert the villagers to come out and see if he had any letters for them. or to give him letters to take away.

Like all brass instruments, the sound is produced by buzzing with the lips to vibrate the air column inside the tube. The loud, high pitched sound is ideal for being heard outside over a distance.

Lloyd also has 2 adorable, very well behaved dogs called Buddy and Joe!

The Post Horn comes in two different forms – the long straight version which Lloyd is playing, and a circular version where the tube is bent round to make it easier to carry and hold.

The circular version can be seen depicted on post boxes in some countries, and on some private letter boxes as shown here!

Here is another video from the internet demonstrating the Post Horn:

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