What is a Brass Band?

In the UK, a brass band is a traditional form of band consisting of a standard number of brass instruments plus percussion:

9 cornets in Bb, including 4 solo cornets, 1 repriano cornet, 2 2nd cornets, 2 3rd cornets
1 soprano cornet in Eb (a smaller and higher pitched type of cornet)
1 flugelhorn in Bb, 3 tenor horns in Eb, 2 baritone horns in Bb, 2 euphoniums in Bb
2 tenor trombones in Bb (treble clef), 1 bass trombone in C (bass clef)
2 Eb tubas, 2 Bb tubas
1 drum kit and 1 or more other percussionists playing a variety of instruments e.g. bass drum, timpani, glockenspiel, triangle etc.

A Youth Brass Band consists of the same mix of instruments but can often have more players than this, as the photos below show.

wigan-youth-brass-band-5-1436715820-view-0 wigan-youth-brass-band-4-1436715820-view-0

What sort of music do brass bands play?

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