Burradon Community Primary assembly performance

IMG_1068 IMG_7585

Although they missed out on our trip to the Wansbeck Music Festival, the brass group at Burradon Community Primary School were not outdone in their end of term performances: one to parents and family members after the brass group on Tuesday; and a second at the School assembly on Thursday morning. It was the culmination of a term of hard work during which everyone has developed their playing ability a long way.

We played “Catch a Falling Star” and “United” featuring “The Blaydon Races”. Tom and Lucy blew the whistles during the “Clapping rhythm” part, while Brandon and Sophie hit the wood blocks during the “U-nit-ed da-da-da” part.

Headteacher Angela Hunter handed out certificates to all the children.

The photos show the children with teaching assistant Helen, who is learning alongside the children, and tutors Gavin and Nicola conducting and supporting the band.

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