Don’t copy this one video script 1

(we need 2 people to do this introduce this game, Gavin will play of role of student to demonstrate the game)

“Are you ready to play ‘Don’t copy this one?'”

Gavin: “It’s a bit like the game Simon Says”.

“In our game, I play something and then you have to copy it, but not if I play ‘don’t copy this one'”

“This is what ‘Don’t copy this one’ sounds like; (sing) Don’t copy this one, ter te-te ter ter” (play the rhythm: a crotchet, 2 quavers and 2 crotchets)

“Let’s sing the rhythm together, ready? 1, 2, 3, sing ‘Don’t copy this one’ 1, 2, 3, sing ‘ter te-te ter ter’ 1,2, 3, sing ‘ter te-te ter ter'”

“Now let’s play the rhythm together, ready?”
“1, 2, 3, …” (play ter te-te ter ter)
(repeat 3 times)

“Now you’ve got the ‘Don’t copy this one’ rhythm, let’s play the game. Remember, from now on you don’t play ‘Don’t copy this one’!

“Gavin is going to join in and play the game with you. Are you ready? Me then you”

(Play some easy rhythms as copy and answer, play them pointing at yourself, then quietly mouth or play the rhythm while pointing at the camera. I will edit the video to show both you and me playing along during the response bits)

(Play 3 or 4 rhythms like this, then play ‘ter te-te ter ter’. I will deliberately copy it)

“No Gavin you weren’t meant to copy that one! That was ‘Don’t copy this one’!”

Gavin: “Oh sorry. Silly me. Please can we have another go?”

“Yes of course, are you ready?”

(Play 3 or 4 rhythms, then ‘Don’t copy this one’! This time I wont play)

“That’s better! Have you got the idea now? Good. There are video clips below with lots more Don’t copy this one games for you to try out.”

“The games get harder as you go along. We’ve graded them easy and trick. Good luck!”

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