What’s the note Maestro Wolfgang – video script 1

(requires 2 people, split screen)

“Let’s play what’s the note Maestro Wolfgang”

“OK. Sounds good. Who is Maestro Wolfgang?”

(Video displays picture of Mozart, with voice over)

“Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a possibly the greatest musician ever, born over 250 years ago in Salzburg, and lived in Vienna, both now in Austria. By the age of 5 he could already play keyboard and violin, and began composing music. At 17, he was a professional musician in the Royal Court of Salzburg.”

“He composed more than 600 pieces of music, many of which you have probably heard. Here are a few extracts…”
(play a few very short snippets of well known music)

“So that’s Wolfgang, but why Maestro?”

“Well, Maestro is a word for the conductor of an orchestra. And as, sadly, Mozart is no longer with us, today I will be Maestro Wolfgang!”

“Great, so how do we play the game?”

“It’s like the game ‘What’s the time Mister Wolf’. You call out ‘What’s the note Maestro Wolfgang’ and I’ll give you a note to play, then I will count you in ‘1, 2, 3, 4, play’ and you have to play the note until I indicate for you to stop, like this (flourish hand). Want to try?

“Yes, let’s go!”

(short pause)

“You have to call out ‘What’s the note Maestro Wolfgang?’, remember?”

“Oh! Sorry. What’s the note Maestro Wolfgang?”

“It’s a C” (conduct and count ‘1, 2, 3, 4) and indicate the downbeat to play. Continue to conduct for a few seconds, then indicate to stop – meanwhile other tutor plays C)

“OK, I get it now, What’s the note Maestro Wolfgang?”

“It’s an E” (as before)

“Great, is that it?”

“One more thing. If I say “All of them, you play anything you want – you can play all the notes you know, or just one of them, or just let rip and make a lot of noise!”

“Ok, let’s try it. What’s the note Maestro Wolfgang?”

“All of them” (conduct as before, meanwhile other tutor let’s rip, but musically!)

“I’ve got it, and I think we’re ready to play!”

“You’ll find some games to play below. Have fun!”

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