Big Foot Stomp

Big Foot Stomp is our own original composition to practice simple rhythmic playing with foot stomping. It introduces sharps (F#).
Click on this link to access the sheet music for our arrangement of Big Foot Stomp. You can find all our sheet music on our Google Drive.

The arrangement has 3 parts. Part 3 is for beginners and uses only the notes C and B.

It is in 3 sections:
Section A is jolly and relaxed, played at a moderate tempo (speed) at mf (a bit loud but not too loud) – imagine a nice walk out in the countryside, birds singing.
Section B is quiet (p for piano) and slow – imagine we’ve just entered a spooky wood where bears live and we have to go very quietly on tiptoes!
Section B is a repeat of section A but faster and louder – imagine we think we’ve seen or heard a bear and now we’re running out of the woods back home!