Lesson 1 Introduction to Toon Larner

Welcome to Toon Larner from North Tyneside Brass in Schools!

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How to get the most from Toon Larner

  • The lessons are designed to be done in the order presented, but you can always go back to them at any time.
  • Each lesson includes a mixture of text and short video clips. Watch each one in turn and read the text that follows before moving onto the next.
  • Sometimes there are exercises for you to do on your instrument. Sometimes you can do these along with the tutor in the video, sometimes you can do them by yourself before coming back to the next part of the lesson.
  • If you do not have an instrument to practice on, please contact us to discuss borrowing one from us, free of charge (this facility is only open to school children and young adults living or going to school in North Tyneside).
  • Some lessons are specific to the instrument e.g. cornet or trombone, so you can skip those that don’t apply to you. Note that the cornet lessons apply to many other brass instruments with valves.
  • Like everything in life, there are RULES! Look out for them as you progress through the lessons – here’s the first one!
Toon Larner Rule 1b

You’re here to learn, right? Absolutely! But that doesn’t mean it has to be deadly serious. We believe that all learning, and especially music, should be enjoyable and leave you feeling happy! If it doesn’t, make sure to let your teacher know (in a nice way of course!).

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  • Look out for quotations from famous people – here is the first:

Famous Quote number 1

Einstein on learning

Albert Einstein, 1879-1955, was a genius who revolutionised our understanding of the universe and how it works!

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Here’s what you will find in this set of lessons (please press play):

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Good luck and we hope you enjoy Toon Larner from North Tyneside Brass in Schools!

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Where next?

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Lesson 2 What is Brass Music?

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