Video script 1.1

All tutors contribute by introducing themselves in their own words and saying something about Toon Larner

Alex: (introduce yourself e.g. “Hi. I’m Alex/Mr Lewis. I’m a professional trumpet player and teacher and I run the Saturday morning Music Centre for North Tyneside Music Education Hub”)
Alex: “I’m delighted to welcome you to this initiative from North Tyneside Brass in Schools, which is run by some of our volunteers.”

Gavin: “Hi I’m Gavin. I’m one of the volunteers, and I play the trombone and sousaphone. Welcome to North Tyneside Brass in Schools!”

Natalie: (introduce yourself e.g. “Hi, I’m another volunteer tutor with North Tyneside Brass in Schools, and I play the cornet and flugelhorn.”)
Natalie: “Welcome to the wonderful world of music, and playing a brass musical instrument!”

Ailsa: (introduce yourself e.g. “And I’m Ailsa, currently studying for a degree in music. I play the trumpet and I’m another volunteer tutor. “)
Ailsa: Welcome to Toon Larner, which a fantastic set of lessons, tunes, games and information all about brass music!”

Natalie: “There is no substitute for face to face tuition in one of our after school brass groups, or with a personal music teacher, but these lessons can help get you started and provide additional support along the way!”

Ailsa: “And you can always contact us if you have a question or need some help with anything. Look for the “Contact Us” page on our main menu (looks and points upwards to her left)”

Gavin: “There’s more information and guidance about the lessons just below this video clip, down there (looks points down). We hope you enjoy them!”

Alex: “We hope that this is just the start of a great musical adventure. Good luck!”

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