Video script 1.2

Alex: “Hi again. (Tutor1) and Gavin are going to tell you about the other lessons in this introduction to playing a brass instrument”

The main part of the video to play in split screen mode, with both tutors visible throughout the video, apparently listening to the other one! So Tutor1 speaks their line then looks to their left as if listening to the Gavin, and waits long enough for him to say his line (you’ll have to estimate that).

Tutor1: “The next few lessons will get you started playing the cornet or trombone, or other brass instrument”

Gavin: “In lesson 2 you will see and hear some brass instruments being played, and you can learn more about them”

Tutor1: “In lesson 3 we will show you the instruments you can learn on with us: the cornet (pause while holding up a cornet)”
Gavin: “and the trombone (pause while holding up a trombone) and you can find out how to borrow one from us.”

Tutor1 “In lesson 4 you will have a go at buzzing, and learn how to get good at it, like this” (demonstrate buzzing on mouthpiece)

Gavin: “In lesson 5 we will get you started playing the cornet or the trombone. You will learn about the parts of the instruments and how they work. We’ll show you how to hold your instrument, and play your first note” (demonstrate holding a trombone and playing a note)

Tutor1: demonstrate holding a cornet and playing a note (no words required – just the simple action – we’ll go into detail in lesson 5)

Tutor1: “In lesson 6 we’ll start making music together” (play some rhythms on C. E.g. a 4-beat note, 4 1-beat notes, a little rhythm) and we have a bit of fun playing the game ‘Don’t copy this one’.”

Gavin “and you’ll have a go at playing along with us to Rock around the Clock! In lesson 7 you’ll learn how to play more notes on your instrument so that we can play our first tunes together”

Tutor1: “There’s another great game to play: ‘What’s the note Maestro Wolfgang?’”

Gavin: “Finally, in lesson 8, we’ll see how far we’ve come and look ahead to the next set of lessons”

Alex: “We hope you enjoy the lessons, and we can help you on your way to becoming a great brass player and musician!. Good luck”

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