Lesson 2 What is Brass Music?

Toon Larner – an introduction to playing Brass Music from North Tyneside Brass in Schools.

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Toon Larner Rule 2

Listening is the most important skill of a musician, so learn how to use those ears! Focus on the sounds you hear, and think about what you are listening to.

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Watch this short video of brass instruments being played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Look and listen carefully because we’ve got some questions for you once it has finished!

BBC National Orchestra of Wales Brass Section

Here’s your quiz!

Q1 Did you see and hear the different instruments? What were they called?

Q2 What did you notice about them? Were they different shapes and sizes? How would you describe them?

Q3 What sounds did they make? Were they different to each other? In what ways?

Q4 How did the musicians play them? Were the different instruments played differently?

Q5 Finally, what did the man who introduced the instruments, call himself? What is his job?

If you want you could watch the orchestra again and have another look and listen?

How do your answers compare with ours?

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When you are ready please continue the lesson with the next video clip.

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Now watch this video of George Ezra and his band at Glastonbury, featuring a horn section – you will hear them more than you see them, try and listen out for the distinctive brass sound even when they are not in view!

George Ezra at Glastonbury


Q1 How many instruments featured in the horn section?

Q2 What are the instruments called?

Q3 One of the horns is not strictly a brass instrument – which one?

Q4 What other musical instruments are being played?

Check your answers here!

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Want more brass music?

Check out our selection of great brass music from the internet

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Famous Quote number 2

Buddha on hearing

Gautama Buddha was an Indian Philosopher and Spiritual Teacher who lived about 2,400 years ago and founded the Buddhist Religion.

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