Video script 3.1

Gavin: “Hi. Welcome back. So far you’ve had a chance to look at and hear some brass instruments in action.”

Tutor1: “Yes, call them brass or horns, they all sound fantastic and add so much to a band. Who doesn’t love it when the brass let rip!”

Gavin: “Yes, I know I do! Now let’s show you the instruments we learn to play in North Tyneside Brass in Schools”

Tutor1: “This is a cornet” (holds up a cornet) “It’s very like a trumpet but rounder with a sweeter sound.”

Gavin: “and this is a trombone” (holds up a trombone) “It’s very like…well… a trombone!”

Tutor1: “These instruments are actually mostly made of plastic, with some brass fittings.”

Gavin: “But don’t be fooled into thinking these are toys because just because they made of plastic.”

Tutor1: “No, they are real musical instruments, and great for beginners. Light weight, easy to play, and make a great sound! This is what a cornet sounds like” (play a few notes). “It has a mouthpiece, a length of tube ending in a bell, and 3 valves which can be pressed to get different notes. Like this..” (play a few long notes on the cornet so we can see the fingers pressing the valves)

Gavin “The trombone sounds like this” (play a few notes). “Like the cornet it has a mouthpiece, tubing and a bell. But it doesn’t have valves. Instead it has a slide which can be pushed out or pulled in to play different notes. Like this.” (play a few long notes on the trombone so we can see the slide move to different positions, then do a glissando down and up!)

Tutor1: “So that’s the cornet and trombone. Which one would you like to play?”

Gavin: “In our after school brass groups you can have a go at both, and we sometimes bring in other brass instruments and percussion for you to try out”

Tutor1: “Yes, we teach students how to play the cornet and the trombone, and we learn how to make music together!

Gavin: “In the next lessons, we’ll show you how to make a sound with the cornet or trombone, and we’ll start playing some music together!”

Tutor1: “If you would like to join in but don’t have an instrument to play, we might be able to lend you one!”

Gavin: “Yes, if you are a child or young adult at school or college in North Tyneside, or living in the area, then you can contact us to discuss borrowing an instrument, free of charge.”

Tutor1: “There’s a link for contacts below this video clip. You can send us an email or message us on Facebook, or ask a parent or other adult to contact us for you.”

Gavin: “If you’ve got your instrument and you’re ready to start, you can join us in the next lesson which will have you buzzing!. See you soon.”

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