Video script 8.1

Each tutor reads a line in turn – feel free to say the same thing in your own words
(I suggest everyone records all of it, except instrument-specific lines that don’t apply, then I will create the video by extracting lines and editing them together)

“We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of lessons from Toon Larner to get you started playing a brass musical instrument”

“By now you should be well on your way to playing the cornet or trombone, or other brass instrument”

“You’ve seen and heard some brass instruments being played, and you’ve learnt more about them”

“You’ve learnt about the parts of the instruments and how they work.”

“You can put your instrument together and hold it correctly”

“You’ve learnt to buzz, and you’re probably getting good at it by now”

“And you used buzzing to get your first musical note from the instrument”

“Remember to squeeze the corners of your mouth, and don’t puff your cheeks out!”

“You’ve used your ears to listen so you can copy back rhythms”

“You’ve learnt to breathe deep by opening your throat and using your tummy muscles to suck the air right down inside, expanding your lungs”

“You can use your tongue to start each note with a ‘te’ or ‘de’ sound, so the note starts nice and cleanly, at the right time”

“We played the game ‘Don’t copy this one’.”

“And you can now play several different notes on your instrument”

“If you are learning the cornet, you know which valves to press for different notes, even if you can’t always remember them right away yet!”

“Yes, and the same applies if you are learning the slide positions trombone”

“We played the game ‘What’s the note Maestro Wolfgang'”

“We’ve played our first tunes together”

“Wow, what a lot of things you’ve learnt! Look how much you’ve achieved already!”

“Yes, focus on what you’ve done, don’t worry if you make mistakes or still find some things hard. You are still learning. We are still learning, and there’s always more to learn.”

“Practice might not make perfect, but practice is the key to getting better. Practice as often as you can. Even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. Set yourself a realistic target for practicing your instrument, one you can achieve.”

“We will help you get better. We have lots of ideas for more lessons, tunes and games, so watch this space and we’ll be back very soon!”

“Good luck and bye for now”


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