Let’s Play Some Tunes!

We are currently working on producing videos to teach you these tunes. We will make each one available as soon as it is ready.

Join the Band – part one (3 notes C, D, E)

Easy Streets (3 notes E, F, G)

The Hokey Cokey (4 notes C to F)

We Will Rock You (4 notes C to F)

Au Claire de la Lune (4 notes C to F)

Stately Dance (4 notes C to F)

Oats and Beans (5 notes C to G)

Pia Pia Piano (5 notes C to G)

Lightly Row (5 notes C to G)

Join the Band – part two (5 notes C to G)

Off We Go (5 notes C to G)

Ode to Joy (5 notes C to G if we play D instead of low G)

I am the Music Man (6 notes B to G)

Freres Jacques (6 notes C to A)

Get on Up, Get on Down (C to A, plus dynamics and fast tonguing)

When the Saints Go Marching In (6 notes C to A)

Old MacDonald Had a Farm (6 notes C to A)

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