End of our first year

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We have reached the end of our first year – it’s been great fun! We’ve run 110 after-school sessions, performed in 10 School events, 2 out-of-school Christmas events and took 2 School bands to the Wansbeck Music Festival at the end of March.

It is a mark of our progress over the year, that all 3 school bands were able to put on good performances of our 2 summer pieces: Big Foot Stomp and Rock Around the Clock, playing in 2 parts with complex rhythms and using sharps and flats.

During the year we have worked on a number of pieces of music, most specially written or arranged for our starter brass groups. We’ve had opportunities to try out various brass instruments and percussion, and we’ve worked on development of general musical abilities and appreciation.

There has been a steady drop off in numbers over the year, having started with 52 children and 4 parents we ended with 22 children and 2 parents. We’re glad so many children had a go and we hope had some good experiences while they were in the brass groups.

We look forward to welcoming some new starters in September, when we will face the challenge of integrating them and finding ways to bring them on while keeping the more experienced children interested!

Finally we wish all the best to 4 of our children who are moving onto new schools: Lewis and Tom are going to George Stephenson High School, Joe and Shane are moving to new Primary schools. Previous leavers include Faye and Rose. We hope they all continue to enjoy music in some form at their new schools.

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