Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is North Tyneside Brass in Schools?

2. Can my child join one of your brass groups?

3. Can adults and other family members join the brass group?

4. Who runs North Tyneside Brass in Schools?

5. Where do you get your money from?

6. Who are your music tutors?

7. Do any of your music tutors get paid?

8. Are my children safeguarded at the brass group?

9. I/My child has a problem with my/their instrument

10. Is there anyway to make the instrument quieter?

11. I think a letter was sent home – please can I get a copy?

12. What happens when I/my child leaves School?

13. How do I contact someone about the brass group?

14. Is there anyway I can help with the brass group?

15. Please can you advise about buying an instrument?

16. Do you offer individual tuition?