Do any of your music tutors get paid?

Most of our music tutors are unpaid volunteers. They receive only minimum travel expenses to cover bus or metro fares, where appropriate. We work in the brass groups because we passionately believe in giving children (and adults) the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and be part of a band, whatever their circumstances. From our own experience, we know how much enjoyment playing music can bring, and how much it can enhance other aspects of your life: gaining confidence, making friends, etc.

We have one paid professional working for the project: Alex Lewis is contracted by North Tyneside Music Education Hub to teach music in schools, and part of his work is to help and advise the Brass in Schools project.

We also contract professional tutors from time to time for special events such as our very successful Play Day in June 2008 when 15 children from 4 schools came together to work with Alex Lewis, Susie Jones and Tom Rushton.

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In addition, several professionals are contributing to the project in other ways:

Julie Dorr as Music Improvement Advisor for North Tyneside Music Education Hub

The Heads and Teaching staff at our participating Schools, who are giving their time to support and take part in our brass groups.

We are very grateful to the many other people have given us the benefit of their experience, plus advice and encouragement, willingly and freely.