Is there anyway to make the instrument quieter?

We recognise that brass instruments can be noisy, but that can be half the fun!

We have provided a practice mute that can be used to quieten the sound. To use this, hold the instrument and gently push the mute into the bell, giving a very slight twist if required – do not use force or you may damage the instrument.

The cornet mutes we have provided are very effective. Indeed your child will need to blow quite hard to make a sound at all – this will help develop their breathing, diaphragm and tone!

However, the trombone mutes can be made even quieter by placing a sheet of kitchen towel behind the mute.

You might also want to agree times of day that your child is allowed to practice? It might be helpful to explain to neighbours that your child is learning to play a musical instrument, and ask them which times are better for them?

If practising at home is just not possible, maybe your child can team up with a friend in the brass group and they could practice together at the friend’s house? If required, we will try and find places and times for your child to practice at school during the school day e.g. at lunchtime, but this will depend on the School policy.