Where do you get your money from?

We raise money from small grants and private donations.

To date (Apr 2020) we have raised (and spent) nearly £8,500 made up from the following amounts:

Date Description
30-Mar-2016 Private donation of £1,100
5-Apr-2016 North Tyneside Music Education Hub – initial grant of £2,000 to help set up the project
22-Jul-2016 John Lewis Music Matters – grant of £750
14-Sep-2016 Private donation of £300
23-Nov-2016 J.W.Mann Trust – grant of £1,025
26-Nov-2016 Private donation of £6
14-Feb-2017 Donation of percussion costing £81.22
08-May-2017 Private donation of £250
12-July-2017 Fee for band at Shiremoor Treat £100
24-Oct-2017 North Tyneside Music Education Hub grant of £500
17-Nov-2017 Community Foundation grant of £1,460
01-Dec-2017 Income from Brass Showcase Concert of £40
18-Dec-2017 Private donation of £500
4-Jan-2018 Donation of metal mouthpieces costing £243.10

So far we have spent over £5,000 on instruments, music stands and other equipment, over £800 on insurance (4 years premiums), £70 on volunteer travel expenses, £120 to help parents bring children to perform at North Tyneside’s Got Talent and £130 on other incidentals. The grant from The Community Foundation (£1,460) has paid for a play day held at the Y Studio in North Shields and to take children to take part in the Wansbeck Festival 3 years running. We are trying to raise money buy better and different instruments for our continuing children to progress further, to organise visiting musicians to run singing and percussion workshops, and to take the children and their families to other music performances e.g. at Sage Gateshead.

We will also need to raise substantial additional money to establish a youth brass band for children of High School age, and to set up more brass groups in other Primary Schools.

If you would like to make a donation, or help with fund raising, please contact us. or donate online here