Floral Dance Quiz Answers

Q1 What was the name of the brass band?
Answer: Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band from Yorkshire

Q2 What were the audience doing?
Answer: standing around the band, jigging about and waving flags!

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Q3 What was the piece of music the band were playing?
Answer: The Floral Dance

Q4 How high up the charts did it get?
Answer: it reached number 2 in the charts at Christmas 1977

Q5 Who had a hit the next year singing the Floral Song, accompanied by a brass band?
Answer: Terry Wogan, the famous TV and radio presenter, reached number 21 in 1978, singing The Floral Dance, accompanied by the Hanwell Band from West London. Even though Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band reached number 2, it is usually the Terry Wogan version that people remember!

Q6 How would you describe the music? Well, there’s no definite right answer for this, but to us, it seems jaunty, happy, light and bouncy, the sort of music you’d could skip down the street to, or do a jig-about dance to! It’s called the “Floral Dance” – can you imagine dancing around the flowers, or perhaps with flowers in your hands? The song is based on the traditional Furry Dance performed in Helston, Cornwall each spring, and people dance around the village with Lily of the Valley flowers!

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