New starters

We’re pleased to welcome a total of 21 new starters to our after-school brass groups, joining the 17 returners from last year.

Balliol has the biggest take up with 9 children from year 4 joining. One of the new joiners already has two older sisters in the band, and now their father, younger brother and older sister at High School have all joined making it a real family affair! With 19 members of the band, and so many new starters, it’s quite a challenge!

Burradon and Backworth have smaller numbers of new starters, but all showing a lot of promise.

We’re hoping that the returners will be able to help the new starters and gain confidence in themselves by doing so. The specially arranged music has easy parts for the new ones and more challenging parts for the returners as we try to keep everyone interested, learning and having fun.