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6th Dec 2020 Introducing Brass Musical Instruments
7th Oct 2020 Are you a brass whizz kid?
13th Sep 2020 Brass Musical Instruments in the Orchestra
1st Aug 2020 Brass instruments and coronavirus
24th Jun 2020 Covid-19 lockdown
8th Mar 2020 Backworth Park Brass Band
13th Sep 2019 Review of the year 2018-19
10th Sep 2018 Schools back
10th Jul 2018 Brass Play Day
24th Mar 2018 Wansbeck Music Festival
28th Feb 2018 We’re off to the Wansbeck Music Festival!
19th Dec 2017 Christmas performances
19th Nov 2017 Brass in Concert
8th Nov 2017 Funding from Community Foundation
24th Oct 2017 Farewell to Mara and Angelos
11th Oct 2017 North Tyneside’s Got Talent (report)
29th Sep 2017 North Tyneside’s Got Talent (prep)
22nd Sep 2017 New Starters
6th Sep 2017 School’s back and so are we!
29th Jul 2017 End of our First Year
22nd Jun 2017 Summer Term Performances
7th May 2017 Nine Short Pieces
7th Apr 2017 Burradon Community Primary Assembly
7th Apr 2017 Wansbeck Music Festival report
31st Mar 2017 Balliol and Backworth Park Primary Assemblies
2nd Mar 2017 Wansbeck Music Festival preview
31st Jan 2017 George Stephenson High School
26th Jan 2017 Second term progress
8th Jan 2017 Toon Larner
26th Dec 2016 Christmas performances
7th Dec 2016 Backworth Park performances
19th Nov 2016 Our first public performance
7th Nov 2016 Additional Instruments
21st Oct 2016 Half term report
14th Oct 2016 Weeks 4 and 5
29th Sept 2016 Week three
23rd Sept 2016 Second week in
16th Sept 2016 Our first week
7th Sept 2016 All ready to go
21st July 2016 44 children signed up for Brass Groups
11th July 2016 Photos from Burradon Community Primary
7th July 2016 Burradon demos
24th June 2016 Official Launch
21st June 2016 Backworth Park Primary Summer Fair
19th May 2016 John Lewis Partnership Music Matters
19th May 2016 Demos at Balliol Primary
10th May 2016 23 children signed up at Backworth Park Primary
3rd May 2016 Burradon Community Primary School to host brass group
27th Apr 2016 Demo at Backworth Park Primary
4th Apr 2016 Funding off the mark
29th Feb 2016 Facebook page
18th Feb 2016 Start up project