Our first week

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Our first week got the Brass in Schools project off to a great start.

The children wrote their name badges and we introduced ourselves. They will be learning to play either the cornet or trombone. We revised “buzzing” and had a go with the cornet mouthpieces, learnt how to hold a cornet correctly and started to play. Then everyone did the same with the trombones, and finally chose which instrument they wanted to learn. We also agreed some rules like “listen”; “don’t run or mess about”; “take care of the instruments”; “always ask when you don’t understand or are finding it hard, or have a question” and we agreed how to get everyone to quieten down, stop and listen.

At Burradon Community Primary on Tuesday, Gavin and Nicola led a session with 13 children, 2 parents and a teacher.

At Balliol Primary on Wednesday, Gavin and Karen got 14 children, 2 parents and 2 teachers (including the Head) started on their cornets and trombones.

And at Backworth Park Primary, Nicola, Karen, Leah and Gavin took 24 children, a teacher and a teaching assistant – quite a challenge. We also had a parent, but she is a fine brass player and is going to be another of our volunteer tutors when her DBS checks are completed!

So, if our maths is correct, that’s 51 children, 4 parents, 5 school staff, 4 music tutors and 1 parent/tutor…

We’re going to need more instruments!

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