Aims and Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of North Tyneside Brass in Schools are:

  1. to create ex-curricula brass groups in Schools in North Tyneside for children in years 4-8, including Primary Schools for years 4-6, Middle Schools for years 5-8 or High Schools for year 7-8, or as otherwise agreed with the School;
  2. to create youth brass bands for children aged 11-18, based in High Schools and/or other locations within North Tyneside, led by suitably qualified Musical Directors;
  3. to teach the participating children to play music (brass and percussion) in an ensemble,  learning about all aspects of music;
  4. to give the participating children a positive and enjoyable experience and develop their confidence, concentration, social skills and ambitions and maybe lead to a life-long hobby or even profession as musicians;
  5. to encourage (but not provide or replace) brass music teaching within the School’s curriculum and link the brass groups to any existing or planned music teaching;
  6. provide other opportunities to enhance the children’s musical education, such as visits to concerts;
  7. to connect families across the generations and connect children with their heritage;
  8. to provide opportunities for teachers, parents/guardians and other family members to learn alongside the children;
  9. improve outcomes for the young people in our community and strengthen community links;
  10. provide training in music education for older children (16-18) and adult volunteers, at the appropriate level, and provide opportunities for them to support and/or lead brass groups;
  11. To secure funding to buy instruments, pay professionals, train volunteers and provide other opportunities;
  12. to develop a scalable and sustainable model for the brass groups and youth brass bands to expand and develop beyond the scope of any initial funding.

To help achieve these aims we will:

  • stage regular performances to schools, families and the wider community;
  • organise visits for the children to concerts to hear brass instruments in different settings;
  • invite musical groups and musicians to visit schools and give demonstrations;
  • document and share our experiences with interested parties e.g. other Music Hubs, Brass Bands and the wider music and education community;
  • explore the possibility of establishing a charitable foundation to maximise opportunities for funding.