Toon Larner

As we start a new term, with the success of our Christmas performances behind us, we want to develop the children and adults in our brass groups more systematically and give them as much individual attention as possible. So we have come up with our “Toon Larner” worksheets which they can take home and practice, and then show us what they can do so we can help and guide them.

There are separate worksheets for Toon Larner for Cornet and Toon Larner for Trombone.

Level 1 has 2 worksheets and covers the first 5 notes we have learnt so we can check their breathing, tonguing, sound, knowledge of the notes and how to play them and having a sense of rhythm (keeping time).

Level 2 moves them onto moving from one note to another more quickly, and playing simple rhythms.

Level 3 will introduce flats and sharps (Bb, Eb and F#), dynamics (p=quiet and f=loud) and extend their range from low Bb up to Bb on the stave.


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