Wansbeck Music Festival report

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Balliol and Backworth Park Primary Schools took part in the 111th Wansbeck Music Festival last Friday 31st March at the Nortumberland Church of England Academy School in Ashington. While there have been many more accomplished performers over the years of the Festival, we doubt there have many more enthusiastic!

Balliol performed “Freres Jacques” and “Get on Up, Get on Down” while Backworth Park performed “Catch a Falling Star” and “United” featuring “The Blaydon Races”. This was the culmination of all the hard work done over our second term.

The photos show Backworth Park Primary School brass group including teaching staff Sarah and Carole who learn alongside the children, with tutors Gavin, Natalie and Leah conducting and supporting!

The adjudicator summed up the performances with comments like “You have achieved a huge amount in a short space of time” and “promising work and delivered confidently and all with a fun atmosphere”. See attached remarks for the full judgement!

It was a shame that our other brass group at Burradon Community Primary School were unable to take part as they had another event on at school.

We look forward to returning next year and hopefully show the progress we’ve made by then!

Backworth feedback page 1; Backworth feedback page 2

Balliol feedback page 1; Balliol feedback page 2

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