Youth Band Quiz Answers

Q1 What band were playing?
Answer: Gwent Youth Band – did you spot the “Gwent Music” sign at the back?

Q2 What piece of music were they playing?
Answer: Don’t Stop Me Now by the band Queen

Q3 Which instrument had the first solo (standing up)?
Answer: a Trombone

Q4 How many trombones were there? Is this too few, too many, or just right?
Answer: there were 6 trombones, which in our opinion is not nearly enough! You can never have enough trombones!
Oh, sorry, I’ve just been advised by our Director that 6 trombones is actually just the right number in a youth brass band, being twice the number (3) of trombones in an adult brass band. So, that’s me told!

Q5 Which instrument had the second solo?
Answer: a Soprano Cornet

Q6 What other instruments did you see and hear?
Answer: as in any traditional brass band, as well as Cornets (lots of them on the left) and Trombones (back row on the right), there were: Euphoniums and Baritone Horns (front row on the right); Tenor Horns (front row in the middle); Flugelhorns (between the Tenor Horns and Baritones and Euphoniums); and Tubas (also known as Basses) (behind the Tenor Horns), and Percussion (standing at the back) including (on the left): Glockenspiel; Cymbals; Tambourine; Ganza; Chimes; Cow Bell; and (on the right) Drum Kit; and Timpanis (also known as Kettle Drums).

Q7 How good do you think the band are?
Answer: well, the answer is entirely up to you of course, because it’s your opinion that matters here. What did we think? Well, since you ask, we thought they were absolutely brilliant, and it takes a lot of courage to stand up and play a solo in front of the whole school and your parents, so well done especially to the soloists!

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